Is ICO the new IPO?

ICO is the new IPO – As more companies are raising capital via Initial Coin Offerings, some of the VCs are beginning to take notice including Sequoia. Others are feeling threatened over the new model bypassing traditional venture-capital. In an ICO, the company basically launches a new currency. It sells the tokens for this currency

Home ownership on the rebound?

Home ownership has been sliding for more than a decade. Now, finally, there are indications that more households are opting to buy a home rather than rent. The peak of the housing bubble occurred in 2005. Since then, the percentage buying homes has fallen consistently, until now. A rise in home buying is good for

The other “Trump trade”: Coal

The coal industry is seeing a revival of sorts – the Dow Jones Coal Index is up 44% of the year. This, after tumbling for many years in a row. But the rebound in the price of coal has less to do with Trump – and any anticipated loosening of environmental regulations – than one

Interest rate increases: This time it is different

History rarely repeats itself, at least not exactly. Generally, the threat of rising interest rates has, many times in the past, led to a retreatment in the markets. But as in Goldilocks there is tightening in the interest rates, which this time around seems to have not deterred the markets. They have gone up 16%

The double edged sword of protectionism

Late last year, Vancouver imposed a 15% tax on foreign investment in the city as well as a 1% per year tax on empty property. This was done in order to make the city more affordable for its inhabitants, and to thward an onslaught of Chinese investment into the real estate market. Now Vancouver’s loss

The US Elections & Your Investment Portfolio!

If the stock market is up in the three months leading up to the election, put your money on the incumbent party. Losses over those three months tend to usher in a new party This year when election soothsayers and fortune tellers made totally erroneous predictions, there was a Wall Street statistic that called the

The Great Debate: The Value of A Financial Advisor

Toni DasGupta is speaking at the American Association of Individual Investors, on Nov 5th at 9:30 am in Culver City. Announcement is below AAII – Los Angeles Chapter TALK: INVESTMENT ADVISOR OR NOT? Date:Saturday, November 5, 2016 Time: >> 9:30 A.M.<< Location: Culver City Veteran’s Memorial Complex Garden Room Moderator: Evan Press, President AAII Los