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Investments in Veda Value Funds are made either into Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) or in the Fund.

In the case of the Fund, all investor contributions are held in a common Fund account under the custody of an independent broker and with financial reporting and audits provided by third parties. The manager makes the investment decisions based upon a value growth model. Clients are required to be accredited investors to participate in the fund.

The are no management fees charged as a percentage of assets. A 25% incentive fee is charged on gains (most funds charge 2% management fee on assets + 20% incentive fee). We feel that the incentive only fee structure best aligns management and investor interests. If the investor does not make money, we don’t either.

Comparison of Separately Managed Account features with Fund:

Comparison: Fund Managed Account
Structure Single fund account managed by fund admin Separate account owned by investor
Investments Personal funds, IRA, Corporate cash, Institutional Personal funds, IRA, Corporate cash, Institutional
Strategy Equities fund with deep value (Buffett) strategy Customized portfolio strategy reflecting investment goals
Liquidity Yearly withdrawals, quarterly subscription Subscribe/ withdraw any time
Investor Accredited investor All investors
Brokerage Interactive Brokers Client’s preferred broker
Reporting Quarterly reporting from manager 24×7 access to online accounting
Custody 3rd party custody of funds Funds under client’s control in separate account
Fee Structure No mgmnt fee, 25% incentive fee on gains 1% to 1.5% mgmnt fee of assets under management