Managed Accounts

“It remains true that sound investment principles produced generally sound results.” – Benjamin Graham

Investments in Veda Value Funds are made either into Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) held with a national brokerage (Interactive Brokers)

The client and manager discuss the investment goals and a custom portfolio is constructed based upon the investment objectives of the client. The SMA account is owned and controlled by the client. It can be an existing account that the client has with their own broker. Alternatively we can help set up a new account with a major brokerage. The portfolio manager (us) is given trading authority to manage the portfolio.


Our process will generally consist of the following steps:

  1. Help investor set up a brokerage account, if there isn’t an existing account. If there is an existing brokerage account, the investor gives trading authority to the manager.
  2. Manager designs a custom asset allocation depending upon the needs of the client
  3. We implement the allocation in the brokerage account by placing the appropriate trades
  4. We continuously monitor and adjust allocations and portfolio selection as conditions change

Our forte is keeping the client informed and discussing goals and expectations.